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Great companies, like great communities, don’t happen by chance. It takes time, dedication, vision, and above all, it takes a strong team. At Brookfield Residential, we’re always looking for people who are passionate, driven, looking to grow and who want to make a difference close to home. Sound like you?

Join our team!

Our People

At Brookfield Residential we live and breathe our core values – passion, integrity and community. Nowhere is this more obvious than within our corporate family. Being part of our team comes with boundless benefits and opportunities. Come take a look and find your place with us.

Terri Fischer | Southern California | Brookfield Residential

“I love the culture, opportunity for growth and my fellow team members.”

Terri Fischer Southern California, U.S.
Andre Linzmeyer | Austin, U.S. | Brookfield Residential

“It’s exciting to be part of a builder that is new to this market, but also one with the maturity of a large company behind it.”

Andre Linzmeyer Austin, U.S.
Shawn Swaleh | Edmonton, Canada | Brookfield Residential

“We’re making a difference in the community and in people’s lives.”

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